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Dancing on the Other Side
Ulrike Hobbs-Scharner

   For all those pondering this age-old question, Dancing on the Other Side throws light on the soul's journey once it has left the earthly sphere and transitions to higher dimensions. It guides those left behind to accepting death as a new beginning encompassed in love and joy. This book challenges taboos, encourages self-awareness, and speaks to multidimensional consciousness. Allow yourself a fascinating look into a different sphere of being and the comfort of knowing that there is wonderful life beyond death.

   "I felt the words resound and vibrate within me like the peals of a bell echoing in an inner chamber, revealing knowledge that lay buried."
   --Angela M. Weigl, M.D.

   "The author shares her personal experiences and describes a reality that lies beyond the limits of our intellectual encouraging guide on the journey to the eternal truth that life has no beginning and no end."
   --Dr. Roland Bechtloff

"Throughout the lives of many people death is the big unknown and a fearful event in Christian mythology. Ulrike Hobbs-Scharner's knowledge and wisdom take away sinister foreboding and reveal death as a natural part of life. At last a book that gives answers, guidance and comfort to the daunting questions surrounding death. An ideal compliment to the Tibetan Book of the Dead."
   --Christian v. Bodecker & Dr. Horst Scholl, M.D.

   "The dialogues with the dead in the spiritual world move me again and again. These reports convey such warmth and love that they chase away fears of death, that great mystery. Transition to the non-physical dimension of being appears so natural, so close..."
   --Ursula Reinhardt, Ph.D. Art & Art History